My name is Valentina Lollino, I`m the creator of Design For Dinner, and I welcome you to the DFD Elite.

Design For Dinner was born in 2017 as a blog, where I was sharing interesting news and fun facts about my passions, such as, interior design, fashion design, food design and the art of mixology. 

I believe that whether it`s a glass to be filled up, a room to be decorated, a plate to be garnished or a t-shirt to be colored, the designing process is what keeps them connected, the creation of something from an idea.

After a diploma in Interior Design, I started to travel around the world, and I`ve been able to see how these forms of art can change, evolve or stay incredibly tied to the past. There are many cultures on this planet, each of them can give you a different experience, different smells, different tastes and a vision of the world totally different from yours. 

So I decided to transform DFD into a brand, and spread a message to everyone, to be "borders free", mentally and physically. 

I`d like to inspire you all to travel more, to be open minded, and to be creative with what`s around you, like I do when it`s time to create new designs for a special collection.