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My name is Valentina Lollino and I'm the founder of Design For Dinner.

DFD was born in 2017 as a blog, where I was sharing interesting news and fun facts about interior design, fashion design, food design and the art of mixology. 

I believe that whether it's a glass to be filled up, a room to be decorated, a plate to be garnished or a t-shirt to be printed, the designing process is what keeps them connected...the creation of something special from a simple idea.

After getting a diploma in Interior Design in Italy, I started to travel around the world, and I've been able to see how these forms of art can change, evolve and be proudly connected to the past. There are many cultures on this planet, each of them can give you a different experience, different smells, different tastes and a vision of the world totally different from yours. 

So I decided to transform DFD into a brand, and spread a positive message to everyone, to be "borders free", mentally and physically.   

I like to think about the world as a cake...let's decorate it properly! 

 All the products are printed on demand and fulfilled specifically for you after your purchase, using different techniques like DTG (direct-to-garment), mostly for hoodies and t-shirts, Embroidery for beanies and sweatshirts, Sublimation for coffee mugs and UV Printing for phone cases. 

 Most of the printers use less electricity, water, and chemicals than standard industry printers, and thanks to several fulfillment centers across the globe, with partner facilities in Australia and Japan, around 78% of the orders are delivered in the same country they’re fulfilled, this means reducing the carbon emissions from shipping. 

High quality materials are essential for a great collection and I really care about the health of our planet, that's why I opted for a print on demand service, less waste!

If you are still reading, thank you for stopping by and don't forget to join the DFD Elite!